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Free Templates

Yes its true! All the templates are free! All you need to do is creating a free account on our website and start donwloading the templates.  To be always free, stay with us and make a small contribution, by donating only 1 dollar you are inscreasing our templates database!

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High Quality

Blender in Motion creates profissional and high quality templates for your projects and business. This templates are made for profissionals that need a good looking and elegant motion graphics.

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On each template you can change the colour of the elements, the text, and insert images or your logo! You have the freedom to change and costumize the templates for your taste!

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More Templates

Inscrease our database templates, by supporting this project and buying the full templates package, just for 10$. In this way, we can always share this templates for free!

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Realtime Results

By using the real time eevee engine in blender, on new blender version, you can see your costumized template in realtime! You have the flexability to change any element on blender and see the result on that same moment.

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Innovate Ideas

New templates are coming each month, and fresh and innovated ideas are implemented on our templates.

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"Beautifully done. Very clear and very well explained. Thank You💖"

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"Thank you very very much.. I have been spending all my day for searching newspaper animation. And here it is."​​​​​​​

Testimonials, Witty of Wits

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"Well done! In this template you show users how to costumize multiple kinds of elements... The Marvel Movie style intro looks excellent in style/color/motion, and i thought this video was an excellent demonstration to convert to something different, a Youtube/Food related channel intro... Very good tutorial format. Versatile template"

Testimonials, Technoendo 

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